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Famous Christian Festival Of Christmas Celebration|Christmas Significance In India

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Just like other festivals , Christmas also holds great popularity in India , Christmas is celebrated by the Christian Community , however it is also celebrated and enjoyed by other communities in India .Christmas is marked as a celebration for the birth of Jesus Christ . It is celebrated on 25th December worldwide . People decorate Christmas trees and exchange gifts with each other on this day . They visit the church , sing carols , lit candles , bake cakes and celebrate the day . It is a public holiday in the country with both public and private sector . In India , the countries with a large Christian population are Arunachal Pradesh , Assam , Manipur , Meghalaya ,Mizoram , Nagaland , Tamil Nadu , Kerala. Goa and Christmas is celebrated in a grand way in these cities . Lot of tourists also visit Goa during Christmas celebration to witness the grandeur of the festival in the city Goa..

It is also believed that the Santa Claus ( A Christian legendary person also Saint Nicholas , who was a Bishop and a very rich man or Father Christmas ) secretly visits the poor or well mannered children home on the evening prior to Christmas ( 24th December ) and gives them the desired gifts . Saint Nicholas , who was a very rich man helped poor kids with gifts on Christmas , hence the ritual continued and now also the parents and relatives of the children put the gifts for the kids secretly giving an impression that they have been delivered by the Santa Claus .