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Diwali, Significance, Official Holiday, Bhai Dooj In India

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Diwali , also known as deepawali , is the famous festival of Hindus and is celebrated across India in different forms and styles . Diwali is believed to have started when the God Ram came back with his wife Goddess Sita after staying in the forests for 14 years . When he came back his entire kingdom was decorated with Diya ( A small cup shaped oil lamp made of Baked Clay ) .Since then Diwali is celebrated in a huge form in India . Goddess Laxmi ( Goddess of Prosperity & Wealth ) , Lord Ganesha ( Remover of Obstacles & the beginner ) and Goddess Saraswati ( Goddess of knowledge , music and wisdom ) are worshiped on the day of Diwali . It is celebrated on a no moon day in the month of October or November . People decorate their homes with electric lights , Diyas and candles . Share gifts with friends and relatives .Eat and share sweets , does shopping . People also do lot of ground or sky fireworks in the night of Diwali .Diwali is also an official holiday in the other countries like Malaysia , Singapore , Srilanka , Nepal , Myanmar and Mauritius . There are many rituals that takes place before and after Diwali .

Two days before Diwali is celebrated the ritual of Dhanteras on which people buy utensils and gold and its believed to bring prosperity upon. . Then is Diwali ,which is a no moon day , the main festival on which people lit diyas , pray to Goddess Laxmi , Lord Ganesha and Goddess Saraswati and burn fireworks . In northern India , Two days after Diwali is the famous ritual of Bhai Dooj . Bhai Dooj is a famous festival similar to Raksha Bandhan , however on this day , the sisters apply tilak on the forehead of her brother and prays for his well being and prosperity . In return the brothers also blesses their sisters and gives them gifts . On the day of Diwali , everything looks so beautiful around since the light of the Diyas , candles and electric lights spread around giving it a very delighting and soothing effect to eyes.