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List Of Top Famous Festivals Of Hindi Calendar and Holidays In India

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India as a country has a very rich culture , there are different locations , different communities , different rituals and different festivals . However in India , The famous festivals celebrated across are Lohri , Baisakhi , Holi , Raksha Bandhan , Eid ul Fitar , Durga Puja , Dussehra , Diwali , Bhai Duj and many more Diwali , also known as deepawali , is the famous festival of Hindus and is celebrated across India in different forms and styles . People decorate their homes with electric lights , Diyas and candles . Share gifts with friends and relatives .Eat and share sweets and does shopping too . .Read More..


Diwali , also known as deepawali , is the famous festival of Hindus and is celebrated across India in different forms and styles . Diwali is believed to have started when the God Ram came back with his wife Goddess Sita after staying in the forests for 14 years . When he came back his entire kingdom was decorated with Diyas ( A small cup shaped oil lamp made of Baked Clay ) .Since then Diwali is celebrated in a huge form in India . Goddess Laxmi ( Goddess of Prosperity & Wealth ) , Lord Ganesha ( Remover of Obstacles & the beginner ). .Read More..


Holi , again a one big and famous festival celebrated in India and many other countries which have a high Indian Population . Holi also known as Festival Of Colors , is celebrated as a victory of good over evil and it also signifies the end of winter season . Holi is celebrated in the month of Phalgun ( Basis Indian Calendar ) that falls between end of Feburary and middle of March .It is celebrated for 2 days . 1st day the ritual is known as Holika Dahan or Choti Holi. it is believed that the evil sister ( Holika ) of King Hiranyakashyap was blessed to have an immunity from fire .Read More..


Raksha Bandhan is a a very popular festival celebrated in India .Raksha Bandhan , As the name suggests is a promise to provide Safety .Raksha Bandhan is also known as Rakhi . Raksha Bandhan is celebrated by Hindu, Sikh & Jain community . This festival is celebrated on the last day of Sharavan by hindu calendar , and falls in the month of August .This festival is celebrated between brothers and sisters . On raksha bandhan , the sisters ties a Rakhi ( in the form of a plain or decorated thread ) on the wrist of their brothers .Read More..


Christmas , Just like other festivals , Christmas also holds great popularity in India , Christmas is celebrated by the Christian Community , however it is also celebrated and enjoyed by other communities in India .Christmas is marked as a celebration for the birth of Jesus Christ . It is celebrated on 25th December worldwide . People decorate Christmas trees and exchange gifts with each other on this day . They visit the church , sing carols , lit candles , bake cakes and celebrate the day . It is a public holiday in the country with both public and private sector .Read More..