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Know Geographical Features Of India and average temperature

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India , is divided into 4 zones , North , East , West & South . All the zones have different geographical conditions , Culture , Festivals , Traditions , Food and Places to visit . Situated in the South Aisa , India is ranked as number 7 in terms of area in the world , having the coastline of 7,516 kms . India has six Physiographic regions altogather – Islands , Coastal plains , Thar Desert , Indo-Gangetic plains, Peninsular Plateau and Northern Mountains . Kangchenjunga is the highest point in India . Read More..

North India

North India , is predominately divided into three parts , The Himalayas , Indo Gigantic plains and Thar desert. The states in North India are Jammu & Kashmir , Punjab , New Delhi ( Capital Of India ) ,Himachal Pradesh , Uttrakhand , Uttar Pradesh & Madhya Pradesh . Also touching the borders of Nepal , China , Pakistan . New Delhi has also been a Mughal Dynasty and has lot of ancient sites of the Mughals . In Jammu & Kashmir , one can visit the famous shrine of Vaisno Devi in Jammu .Read More..

South India

South India , as the name suggests is in the South region of India . It has the Arabian Sea on the left side and the Bay Of Bengal on the right side . South India comprises of the states – Andhra Pradesh , Telangana , Karnatka , Kerela , Tamil Nadu , The union territory of Andaman & Nicobar Islands ,Lakshadweep and Pondicherry .South India has the temperature ranging from 10 degree centigrade to 45 degree centigrade in summers .The Tech city , Bengaluru ( Also known as silicon valley ) is based in Karnataka . .Read More..

East India

East India ,as the name suggests covering the eastern region of India consist of the states of West Bengal , Jharkhand , Bihar , Odisha and also the Union Territories of Andaman & Nicobar Island , Arunachal Pradesh , Meghalaya , Assam , Tripura , Nagaland , Manipur , Mizoram .The temperature in the eastern region in India ranges from 14 degree to 35 degree celcius degree throughout the year .The eastern region of the country has been a house of many ancient dynasties like Nanda , Kalinga , Gupta , pala. .Read More..

West India

West India , Western India in the western regions of the country has the states of Goa , Maharashtra , Rajasthan ,Gujarat and the Union Territory of Daman & Diu & Dadra and Nagar Haveli . The temperature range of the region is between 12 to 40 degree Celsius during the year .The famous places are Mumbai , which is also known as City Of Dreams and is the capital of Maharashtra . Gujarat and Maharashtra are famous for its Industries and Goa & Rajasthan attracts tremendous amount of tourism as Goa is based on the coastal line of Arabian Sea. .Read More..