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Places To Visit In Kolkata, Nobel & Oscar winner

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Kolkata , a city located in the eastern part of the country , the capital of the state of West Bengal .Being the fourth metropitan state it is also earstwhile capital of British India . Kolkata is culturally a very significant city , which has been the home to many scholars poet , philosophers and creative personalities . Nobel people like Rabindra nath tagore , Amartya Sen , hails ( More 3 ) from this city . Kolkata is also the home to the only Oscar winning Indian film maker Satyajit Ray . Geographically Kolkata is situated approximately 190 kms from the Bay Of Bengal and the Hoogly river which is the main distributary of the river ganges flows through Kolkata before merging into the Bay Of Bengal through the SundarBan delta . Due to its close proximity to these major waterbodies the temperature of Kolkata is mostly hot and humid all throught the year .Kolkata is a modern city , where the main population consist of the Bengali speaking people although its also home to many other linguistic people...

Kolkata has a very prominent historical significance where one can still find magnificent buildings from the colonial past , buildings like the Victoria memorial , Indian national museum , race course ,writers building , esplanade etc , takes one back to the memory lanes of the British era. Places to visit in Kolkata are many and a tourist will never run out of options in this city , while one can soak in the beauty of the .Popular places to visit are Victoria memorial , Indian national museum , Alipur zoo etc ..Food in Kolkata mainly comprises of the Bengali cuisine , however excellent mughlai , Chinese and continental food is also available in the different restaurents in the city .Overall Kolkata is a very charming and historically enriched city .which is also nicknames as the City Of Joy .