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Best North Indian Food, Mughlai, Rajasthani, Punjabi dishes

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North Indian cuisine is a very popular cuisine in the world , It is a combination of different varieties from all across the region . The cuisines are also divided state wise like Punjabi Cuisine, Mughlai Cuisine , Rajasthani Cuisine , Kashmiri cuisine , Himachali Cuisine , Awadhi Cuisine and Kumauni Cuisine . In Punjabi Cuisine , the tandoori style of cooking has become world famous , the main food famous in Punjab is Paranthe ( Aloo , Paneer , Gobhi ) with butter and curd , Chole bhatoore , Amritsari Kulcha , halwa poori for breakfast . In lunch – Basmati rice , kadai chicken , matar paneer , dal makhani , chapatti , Lassi or chach , Saarson ka saag and makki ki roti , tandoori chicken , panjiri , kadi pakoda .. Also one famous item Bikaneri Bhujia and the famous desserts in Rajasthani cuisine are Gulab Jamun , Balushahi , Ghevar , Ghujia , Milk Cake , Ras Malai . In kashmiri cuisine , one of the most famous beverage is Kehwa . The famous dishes of Kashmiri cuisine are Rogan Josh , Yogurt Lamb curry , Goshtaba , wazvaan , Mutton is very famous and used a lot in the Kashmiri Cuisine . There are almost 30 dishes of Mutton in Kashmiri Cuisine . One very famous vegetarian dish is Lyodur Tschaman .

Then comes the Mughlai cuisine which is predominantly from Uttar Pradesh and New Delhi . Mughlai cuisine is famous for its whole and ground spices and is also recognised by the special aromas . Its a rich and elaborated meal .The famous mughlai dishes are Mughlai Chicken , Tikkas , Biryani , Mughlai Parantha , Murg Musallam , Pasanda and rezala . The famous deserts are sheer korma , Shahi Tukra , Kulfi falooda etc .In Rajasthani Cuisine , the famous dishes are Bajre ki roti , Lahsun ki chutney , the dishes are divided into categories of Safed maas , lal maas & Jungli maas . Daal baati churma , gatte ki khichdi , boondo raita & Rajasthani kadi .