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Top List Of Best And Famous Tourist Places In India| Metropolitan Cities In India

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Since India is divided into four zones , let us explore the Four famous places across the zones . There are Four Metropolitan cities in India New Delhi ( Capital Of India ) based in the north zone, Mumbai ( Capital of Maharashtra) based in the west zone, Kolkata ( Capital Of West Bengal ) based in the east zone and Chennai ( Capital Of Tamil Nadu ) based in the South zone of the country . All the Four metropolitan cities are cosmopolitan in nature . Read More..

New Delhi

New Delhi, the metropolitan city is also the Capital Of India , based in the north region of the country . Often People refer New Delhi as Dilwalon ki dilli .New Delhi is based in the Northern region of the country . It is also called as Delhi NCR ( National Capital Region ) and is surrounded by Haryana from west , north and south border and Uttar Pradesh from East Border . In terms of area , The entire Delhi NCR comprises of the biggest area . New delhi was ruled by Mughal Dynasty for a very long time .Read More..


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Mumbai, another metropolitan city , the capital of Maharashtra is based in the western part of India . Mumbai being ranked as number fourth city in the world on the basis of population , Mumbai was earlier called as Bombay and was the trading port of the country , it has a deep natural harbour . Mumbai is also the wealthiest city of India and is a house of many millionaires and billionaires of the country . Mumbai hosts many headquarters of many multinational companies , has Bombay Stock Exchange of India, National Stock Exchange of India , SEBI .Read More..


Chennai is the Fourth Metropolitan city of India and is the Capital Of Tamil Nadu . Situated in the South region on the coastal line of Bay Of Bengal . The major chunk of population is of Tamils and the official language of the city is Tamil .The temperature in Chennai ranges between 15 degree to 45 degree Celsius . Chennai is a famous city in the world and is known to be favorite among the foreign tourists hence it is also the most visited city in India by the foreign tourists . The most famous places not to be missed on the Chennai trip .Read More..