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Famous South India Food, Dosa , Haleem, Hyderabadi Biryani

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The South India combined of all its states Karnataka , Andhra Pradesh , Telangana , Kerela , Tamil Nadu has variety of food . The cuisine of Andhra Pradesh is considered to be the most spicy one across India . The people use more of tamarind and chilly to give it hot and tangy flavour . The Andhra Cuisine also has some taste from the famous Mughlai Cuisine .The most famous food from Andhra Pradesh is the Hyderabadi Biryani & The Haleem .The Karnatka cuisine consists of more of .The world popular Masala Dosa and vada originated from the Udupi town of the Karnataka.The Karnatka dish is also divided into 2 parts , In south Karnataka , the cereals like Ragi & Rice are used, whereas in North Karnataka Jola & Rice are being used . However the common cuisine of both all the regions of Karnataka are Dosa, Chutney , Palya ( Side Dishes ) Do try the famous dishes during your visit to the State , which are Puttu and Kadala curry , Appam with Stew , Karimeen Pollichathu ( Fish ) , Malabar Parotha with Kerela beef curry , Pumpkin and lentil curry , Palada Payasam , Thalassery Biryani .

Rice dishes , Bread , Kosambari , sweet & spicy dishes , Saaru ( Gravy ) , then also the famous cuisines in Karnataka from other regions are Udupi Cuisine , Malenadu cuisine , Kodagu Cuisine , Mangalorean Cuisine , Navayath Cuisine . Then Comes the Kerala Cuisine , Kerala , which is also known as the land of spices since it has been trading spices with Europe and many other civilizations of the world since 3000 BC . The Kerala cuisine is prepared predominantly with Coconut , Mustard seeds , Turmeric , Tamarind , Chillies , Curry Leaves . In Kerala both Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian food is eaten with the rice .In a traditional Homemade meal , the food is served on the Banana Leaf . Whereas the Cuisine of Tamil Nadu is rich in both vegetarian and Non Vegetarian , Lot of spices are used to flavour the food , Rice and lentils are used a lot , the use of vegetables , dairy products and tamarind is very common in Tamil Cuisine