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Famous Beaches in North Goa , Temperature ,Culture of West India

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Western India in the western regions of the country has the states of Goa , Maharashtra , Rajasthan ,Gujarat and the Union Territory of Daman & Diu & Dadra and Nagar Haveli . The temperature range of the region is between 12 to 40 degree Celsius during the year .The famous places are Mumbai , which is also known as City Of Dreams and is the capital of Maharashtra . Gujarat and Maharashtra are famous for its Industries and Goa & Rajasthan attracts tremendous amount of tourism as Goa is based on the coastal line of Arabian Sea and Rajasthan has humongous numbers of Forts and palaces boosting the luxurious lifestyle led by the royalties . The religions in Maharashtra are Hinduism , Christianity , Sikhism , Islam , Jainism , Judaism, Buddhism , Parsi & Zoroastrians . Goa is famous in the world for its beautiful beaches and vastness of food and celebrations. . Goa celebrates Christmas in a massive way along with Diwali , lot of international festivals are conducted in Goa . Its divided into two parts , North Goa & South Goa . North Goa is more of a commercial hub with lots of ways to entertain and is considered to be the most happening among the tourists . Whereas one should visit South Goa in case looking for tranquillity

Goa hosts a huge number of international tourist predominantly from Russia . Also in the state along with Hindi and English language used commercially , Russian language is also used at most of the places .To entertain the tourism from Russia , the chunk of people into tourism business uses basic Russian language as and when required . In Rajasthan , one can visit the forts and palaces as its also known as the Land Of Kings , the famous places are Jaipur ( Also Known as Pink City ) , Udaipur , Jodhpur , Ajmer , Bikaner , Kota & Bharatpur . There is only a single hill station in Rajasthan known as Mount Abu .